Climbing Areas


Born in Turin the 9 june 1963, Maurizio Oviglia . To the age of 4 years it begins to skiing, at 9 to walk like hiker on the Piemont mountain .Following the father example , gotten passionate mountain climber, becomes fervent hiker very soon and later on mountain climber: to 10 years rooms its first 4000 m and the successive years collect an impressive amount of tops of the alpine chain, in Italy, France and Switzerland. In 1977, after the premature passing of the father, the activity in solitudine or with some young friends. At the same time it attends the graphical studies and graphical skillful diploma in 1981. In 1980 it begins to scramble up from self-taught and its alpine activity becomes man hand imprinted towards the extreme ways. In 1982, to 19 years, rooms the most difficult ways of the Alps with contemporarys less than 20 years, little after repeat falled ice of engagement and extreme dangerousnesss. In 1983 rooms in solitary (without rope) some ways much difficult on the Mont Blanc man and the Great Paradise only employing 4 hours where normally 2 days are necessary. In the same year trace also more than 40 new ways on the Alps.
At the same time it begins its activity of publicist and collaborator of the national reviews of the field: in 1983 it publishes an article on the Walloon of Sea for the Review of the Mountain and collaborates to the first numbers of the neophyte Alp review. In 1985 it realizes its before personal work, one cartellina containing climb images on the piemontesi walls. After to have carried out the military service (1985) in Sardinia lover of the island, where it carries out also activity of exploration of the walls of the Supramonte and the Iglesiente. In 1986 it is moved stablily to Cagliari, where it works in a publishing company. In 1987 its first book, a guide of routes of climb of the Val of the Orco (Turin) edited by the Melograno Editions of Milan. At the same time articles appear on the Alp reviews and the Review of the Mountain on its activity in Sardinia and the walls of the island, then disowned in the rest of Italy. On they Maurizio opens hundred of new routes, with to its companion Cecilia Marchi. In 1988 the guide of climb of the Sardinia exits before, Pietra di Luna, edited by the Saredit of Cagliari, than Maurizio she writes with Beppe Domenichelli. The book turns out one of the most sold in Sardinia and comes acquired also in Germany, Switzerland, France and England. In the 1989 spouse with Cecilia Marchi and she in the free time the exploratory and divulgate maximum of routes of the history of the mountaineering is attended the cliffs of the Sardinia, becoming Sardinian: in particular, the stages of this exploration, can today be synthetized with the discovery and the valorization of the entire Iglesiente (from 1985), the area of Cove Gonone (1987/88), Isili (from 1988 today), Jerzu (1989/90 and 1997/98), area of Campidano (1990/91), Supramonte di Oliena, Dorgali and Baunei (from 1985 today). At the same time it catches up a much elevated technical level that it concurs it to open difficult routes much and still today irripetuti on cliffs of Baunei, Oliena, Dorgali, Jerzu, Isili etc. For merits sportswomen and advertising she comes sponsored from the calzaturificio " the Sport one " of Stretched, that she produces and she sells mountaineering shoes all over the world and, from 1998, also from the American North Face (ompany leader in the production of technical apparel) and from the Italian They shoe. In 1990 she leaves the job in printing office and she dedicates herself to the representation of paper from press, occupandosi in the free time of the new technologies of video-pagination and editing. In 1991 a third book, this time with the friend writes photographer Mattia Vacca, on the routes alpine escursionistici, speleologici and of the Sardinia. Entitled Sardinia not Only edito Sea and from the Center Alpine Documentation of Turin; the book is also, beyond to the numerous routes proposals, a collection of images to colors of pregio, realized in great part from the friend Mattia. Of this work they come asked the rights for translation from one English publishing house. In 1992 it writes, this time alone, the second Moon modernized Stone edition, also in English language. The book collects very happened and to lusinghiere book reviews on the reviews and attracts in Sardinia the fans of all Europe. It collaborates to the drawing up of the guide of the Vivalda Editori of Turin on the falesie of climb of southern Italy. In 1994 it comes name Academic of the CAI for alpine merits and from the same Alpine Club and the Touring Italian Club it comes to it entrusted the writing of the guide of Mounts of Sardinia. It becomes collaborator and feature writer of the Review of the Mountain, Alp, Point Rosso and Scàndere stable. It publishes numerous articles and its photographies often come published also in cover from English reviews (High), French (Vertical), Germans (Berge). In 1995 the third Moon Stone edition exits, also in German language and with the photographies of Mattia Vacca, work of which Maurizio it cures the witnesses, the designs, the video-pagination, the graphical realization and the distribution. The book it sells nearly 5.000 copies in two years. In 1997 guide " edita Sardinia " from the TCI and the CAI exits that comes introduced to Cagliari from Senator Francisco Cossiga to the presence of the local authorities and the general manager of the TCI. In 1998 guide " Sardinia " gains the " Thistle of silver " to festival of Trento with giuria presided from the writer the Mario Rigoni Stern. In 1998 Last Paradise exits the book " Gennargentu " on the climbs on the coast oriental of the Sardinia. In 1999 it realizes a cartoguida of the Iglesiente that always exits for the types of SAREDIT. The Sardinian Photographic Archives of Salvatore Colomo work to the design and the realization of tourist and escursionistiche cartine for the publisher, realizing cartine for all the zone of the Gennargentu, Smeralda Coast and archipelago of the Maddalena.