Climbing Areas



Area is found little under the Chemical and introduces 9 comprised routes between 4c and the 6a+ on optimal rock. Ideal for beginner and the lovers of the slab. To the sun after the 11.


Area with easy routes until to 6c+ the Pescheria found over to the Bronx, the escape of the Cave of Saint Giovanni. Always to the shadow and ideal for the summer. Today they are available one ten of routes


Little under the area of Sherwood (see the guide Pietra di Luna) of forehead to the Ruota del Tempo. It introduces 6 routes equipped in 3 hours from Maurizio Oviglia in spring 1998. Difficulty from the 5c to 6c+ on vertical wall the gray. Shadow nearly all the day. Access in 3 minutes from the parking of the Ruota del Tempo


Little over Chemical Area, the Tana delle Tigri it's a overhang cave with strong route, comprised between the 6a+ and 7c+. Currently there are still 5 routes to free, all over the 8a. Authors of the routes (16 routes) and the first rotpunkt are Oviglia and Sarti. The cave it introduces also crosspieces, he is frequentabile with the rain (humid) and remains to the shadow for good part of the day. There are shooting beautifulst of continuity (Vanesium Buddha, 7b+) or wonderful roofs (Pifferaio allucinogeno, 7a+) on splendid holes NATURAL. The cave catches up in ulterior 5 minuteren from the Chemical Area.


Area with easy routes (6a+ max) equipped from Daniel Mei in spring 1998. It is found approximately 300 m beyond the Ruota del Tempo on left of the road that goes to Malacalzetta, completely dipped in the forest. For now 6 routes between 5c and the 6a+, max 15 meters. Ideal for the summer.


Castilandia is a beautiful area over the country, equipped from Mariano Zurru and friends in june 1998. The area currently introduces 14 routes comprised between 5a and the 7a+, and a varied climbing very rarely beyond vertical. The routes are carried out on optimal limestone to holes and scagliette and are high to the maximum 20 meters. The area is raggiungibile following secondary roads that they leave from the Cave of Saint Giovanni or nuraghe to the periphery the west of the country.


The Chemical Area is one beautiful grey cliff mail up and to right of the escape of the Cave of Saint Giovanni. Equipped from M. Oviglia and S. Sarti in winter 1998, introduces 15 lengths on vertical wall and overhang, with difficulty comprised between 6a+ and 7c. All the routes have been freed from the two authors. The climbing is in prevalence on the 7a+/7b with the beautifulst pitchses like After Hour, Coke Club (7b) and Trainspotting (7a+). The routes are high to maximum 25 m, the cliff is exposed to south, shadow until to the 11. The rocks are caught up in 15 minuteren from the good cave for sentierino steep.


They are two small cliffs placed on the right and on the left of the Ruota del Tempo that introduces 9 pitches every with difficulty comprised between the 4c and the 7a, equipped from Daniel Setzu, Massimo Gessa and Mariano Zurru. The access it is the same one that for the Ruota del Tempo and the tipology of climbing turns out enough of fingers and force, date the brevity of the routes (10/12 meters).


This new cliff has been equipped from Mariano Zurru, Massimo Gessa, Daniele Setzu and Maurizio Oviglia. Draft of one beautiful slab grey in the valley that it leave towards W from chiesetta of S.Giovanni, where part for the cliff of Chinatown. The access is caught up following the valley (20 minutes). The routes for now are 14, the degrees go from the 6a to the 7b+ and the climbing turns out of slab and fingers on the harder routes. To the sun all the day.