Climbing Areas


Draft of one new and beautifulst cliff is mailed to right of the Castello dell Iride to Masua. Equipped from Flaviano Bessone and Maurizio Oviglia it introduces 21 pitches until to 35 m equippeds entire with fittoni inox sponsored from the neighbor ostello Ca' da Pria di Nebida. The routes go from the 6a+ to the 7b+, more two plans still to go up. The climbing spaces from the overhang to the wall vertical technician, always on the beautifulst rock. The cliff is adapted to the winter and to the average seasons. The access happens for sentierino from the strait bridge that it precedes the end of the narrow lane of Masua. Design near the bar Tropicoasi to Domusnovas.


Also this new cliff is a lot interesting and on beautiful rock with approximately 15 routes comprised between 6a+ and 7b. Equipped from Flaviano Bessone in solitudine and with material entire inox. Draft of an area adapted to the summery months, since it is nearly always in shadow. The access happens from the country of Gonnesa (entered south) go in Via Guido Rossa and covering the road until you arrive in an old mining village. On foot in little minuteren until to the cliff.


Easy new cliff operates of Daniel Setzu and Mariano Zurru in one throat to mount of the houses of Saint Nicoḷ, near Buggerru. One ten of routes (for hour) comprised between 5b and the 6b+, always to the shadow and therefore adapted to the summery months. Super rock beautifulst and super piton! Access for one narrow lane asphalted until to one quarry, therefore to right for a stone channel that one advances towards south (15 minutes).