Climbing Areas


On the wave of the fashion also the Sardinia is adapted to the bouldering. Craftsman of the discovery of two beautifulst areas it is the nuorese George Soddu, also involved in the equipment of long route. George has uncovered in the outskirtses of its native country, Orani (approximately 30 km from Nuoro), one beautifulst zone with granite blocks in a forest, along the road that leads to Sarule. In short they are been born approximately 30 moves from the 5 to the 7a, more difficult plans than top climber in visit. More to south, on the southern coast, George has valued Geremeas (25 km from Cagliari) where they are found varies blocks of granite to side of the provincial one, between which one with splendid moves. For now they have been realized approximately 20 moves, from the 4 to the 7a. Both the zones have been visited from Hassan Fioravanti, one of the greater national specialists of this discipline, that has confirmed the beauty and the potentiality of these areas.

Geremeas Boulder Area