Climbing Areas


The French guide of Pau, Christian Ravier, in company of Vincent Seger has finished the remarkable realizations in traditional style on the cliffs of the Supramonte. In November 1997 he has gone up the Oddeu Mount, east cliff, for one new route, called " La Mission sarde". The new distance measure 250 m, has difficulty until to the 7a and is estimated AND sup. In order to repeat the route they are necessary nail to U and blade, nut and friend. The two have then gone up the red cliff of the Tondu Mount (to north of the Oddeu) with one called route " La Paroi Rouge ", difficulty until to the 6b, only using 4 nail, dices and friend. For last they have completed various varying to the route of the Unicorno in Codula di Luna (Bernardi, Bonelli, Gogna 1981) calling the new distance " Le secret de la Licorne ", difficulty until to 7a and a step of used A1. only little nail. In January 1998 the guide Oscar Brambilla, in company of George Meneghetti has gone up the cliff the west of the tooth of Mudaloro in the Gulf of Orosei with one new route of 7 lengths, called " Scemo e Selvatico ". The route, difficulty ED inf., oppose moves until to the 6a+. They have been used nut, friend and several nail. The same ones have then gone up, on the depositor east south of the White Mount, inviolata guglia of the long Protosauro the chine south. The route calls " Ichnusa e felice", is estimated ED inf and introduces three lengths of 6b with a move of 6c. has been used nuts, friend and varies nail.

In the April 1998 others two routes of the guide Oscar Brambilla: before on the Oseli Greenhouse, on the skillful side of the Codula di Luna, it has been called "Fantasia Sarda ", it is long 200 m and it opposes difficulty until to the 5c. have been used single nut and friend. The second one finds in the Valley of the Guglie (Monte Albo) and rooms the " Guglia dell'Ochetta"along the route " Spezia ci cova ". Draft of the dihedron of the east cliff (photo) high 3 lengths and with moves until to the 6b. Used friends and a pair of nail. The same Brambilla has then covered integrally the crest north of the Oseli Mount leaving from the deep carving of Gorroppeddu. The difficulties of II and III (with double) for this difficult one trekking are called " Louisiana ".