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Cinzia Meloni

Cinzia is one of the most promising female climbers in Sardinia and one of the few women to obtain a license as climbing-instructor, apart from being one of the very few to equip routes: definitely an interesting girl! She lives in Gonnosfanadiga (CA) from where she moves towards cliffs, blocks, panels and everything she needs to let her energy outÖ
Cinzia Meloni
A record ?
Who listens to music? Only the radio when Iím in the carÖ

A movie ?
Yes, when do we start to shoot? Iím the leading character and you are the director, so Iíll be famous too!

And a writer ?
When I was young, a few years ago, I liked Stephen King. Now I like adventure books more. I know, they are very different, but in some ways they are both breathtaking.

When did you discover climbing ?
When I was little I used to ski with my parents, then I continued with spelaeology and just a few years ago I changed from a newt into a lizard.

And which was the spark which started this passion ?
It was a passion which grew slowly.

Is there a cliff of your dreams ?
I often think about the Verdon.... you know it well, what do you suggest, should I look for a less exposed dream?

And the cliff where you usually go ?
Luckily I have plenty of choice just a few km from my home, anyhow in this period I have been going frequently to Isili. I think it is a very bright place.

A goal ?
It is hard to answer honestly, considering the fact that I have recently accomplished the "il fuoco dal profondo", I imagine I will have to think about something harder (thatís the way it works, doesnít it?). What I really want is to be able to climb fairly well on all kinds of ground.

A myth in climbing ?
I donít have a particular myth, but I admire persons who live on their passion. That is way I achieved the instructor licence, afterwards we will seeÖ

How important is friendship in climbing ?
Itís very important, itís most of the fun. I always try to arrange outings with my friends, when itís possible.

Do you feel like risking more than in your everyday life ?
No. Iím very careful and I always make sure that everything is in order.

How important is it for you to feel physically fit ?
Being fit makes me feel ok, also from a mental point of view. You may think itís strange, but to do so I must make some sacrifices.

If you stopped climbing you wouldÖ
I would certainly ski, because itís what I do best, but mountains would first have to grow in Sardinia!

What do you love most in Sardinia ?
Everything is nearby, when Iím tired of climbing I put on a swimsuit and in a moment Iím on the beach.

And what do you hate ?
I am aware that Sardinia has some negative features, but I canít say there is something I hate.

Would you like to live and climb somewhere else ?
Absolutely not! I love to travel and see new cliffs, but afterwards I always want to return to my homeland.

In your opinion, Sardinian climbers are:
not enough, too discontinuous but so cute and nice.

Do you like the current concept of climbing ?
I donít know enough to answer you, but I believe that it should be taken more seriously.

And what about competitions ?
Itís a great way to meet each other, share the same passion and also compare our experiences. Unfortunately, this year there will be no Boulder competitions in Sardinia.

In the end, what is climbing for you ?
Climbing is for me a way to be in contact with nature, maybe the only one which gives me deep emotions.