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After the eight-graders here is Martina, a female climber from Alghero, in order to listen to who has just begun to climb and understand their dreams and hopes… Alghero is a beautiful town and the Capo Caccia cliffs have not been completely exploited comparing to other famous areas in Sardinia. We are sure that Martina will be able to bring climbers from Alghero to the Capo Caccia rocks, creating once again that nice group which gave life in the ‘80s to the desire to equip the nice Casarotto cliff. For now, let’s wish Martina to find the satisfactions and feelings that she is looking for on Sardinain rocks…
Martina Vacca
A record?
"Clandestino" by Manu Chao

A movie? depends on the period and on my mood. I like Almodovar!

And a writer?
Massimo Carlotto, a genial innocent unfortunate man!

When did you discover climbing?
Almost 2 years ago.

And which was the spark which started this passion?
I don’t know, probably the curiosity to start something new and discover the wellbeing and satisfaction once you are in chain!

Is there a cliff of your dreams?
More than one! I believe there are many places to discover and where to practice.

And the cliff where you usually go?
At Casarotto, near Capo Caccia, in my beautiful Alghero!

A goal?
Being able to climb with grit and elegance on almost every type of route! For now, just learning to put my feet decently and make the most of my rests, since I still make great mistakes! And naturally always have fun!

A myth in climbing?
An enterprising person, capable, self-confident, humble and charismatic!

How important is friendship in climbing?
Climbing is beautiful! But climbing with friends with whom you feel comfortable, who give me good advice and encourage me is great! And after a day on the cliffs it is nice to meet to drink a beer together and have a good laugh!

Do you feel like risking more than in your everyday life?
I have sometimes taken some risks and I paid the consequences with some flight! Nothing serious, luckily! However, although I always do everything safely, I must admit that I like the feeling you get when your heart beats faster, you feel frightened and you are then able to overcome a difficult situation.

How important is it for you to feel physically fit?
Fundamental! It makes me feel better and it helps me concentrate. I have always been involved in sports since I was small, I used to play basketball and it has helped me a lot!

If you stopped climbing you would…
I would like to try an activity which could allow me to appreciate the beauty of our sea, windsurf or kite-surf.

What do you love most in Sardinia?
EVERYTHING! The mild climate...I don’t like the cold! And who has climbed with me knows that! During a winter weekend in Calagonone I moved Eddy to pity to a point that he gave me his heater for the night! My teeth chattered for the cold during the day on the cliffs! Then I adore the crystal-clear sea, the rocks, pane carasau, the hospitality and sincerity of the Sardinian people...not only climbers!

And what do you hate?
There is nothing I hate. The things I don’t like in Sardinia are not connected to the world of climbing, but to the world of work...other business.

Would you like to live and climb somewhere else?
Absolutely not! Why should I leave our paradise island when you can only go away for a vacation?

In your opinion, Sardinian climbers are:
There are few women climbers. My friend Mary is 250 Km away, therefore I would like to meet more girls, because although it is nice to climb all together, sometimes I would like to confront with them to improve my limits and maybe discover my strength! Generally, I have met nice persons, passionate and skilled.

Do you like the current concept of climbing?
I don’t think I have enough experience to answer this question. I can only say that I understand more climbers who always want to improve and try with grit and passions, no matter which level they have achieved, rather than those who do things just to do so or who talk, talk, talk... But this is true in everything!

And what about competitions?
For now, I think I could only dry the sweat of those who really compete! Anyway, I would like to try in the future. It would be fun to test myself, maybe against some haughty boy!

In the end, what is climbing for you?
It is one of the best ways to feel happy and satisfied!