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Marco Caboi, from Nuoro, one of the Sardinian climbers who recently reached the Olympus of 8a with grit and resolution… Unmistakable for his thick head of hair, but mainly for his mass of muscles, which can maybe inspire fear, Marco is actually a calm and modest boy, who has correctly faced climbing, interpreting it as a challenge in order to improve his weak points and thus achieve goals unthinkable at first sight...

A record ?Marco Caboi
Mozart’s Requiem

A movie ?
The wind and the lion

And a writer ?
Luis Sepulveda

When did you discover climbing ?
In Rome, during my studies approx. 10 years ago.

And which was the spark which started this passion ?
The fact that I was not able to climb well, unfortunately the situation has not changed.

Is there a cliff of your dreams ?
I hope so.

And the cliff where you usually go ?
The overhangs in Cala Fuili ...a nightmare.

A goal ?
Hold on decently!!!

A myth in climbing ?
My friend Domenico.

How important is friendship in climbing ?
I think climbing with friends is pleasant, but I would also climb with enemies, I’m only sorry that both categories seem to climb better than me.

Do you feel like risking more than in your everyday life ?

How important is it for you to feel physically fit ?
It’s necessary if you want to climb at high levels and you do not have a natural tendency for it.

If you stopped climbing you would…
go fishing

What do you love most in Sardinia ?
The silence, the sea and the hardness.

And what do you hate ?
The fact that some of us tend to waste all this, but this problem concerns some Sardinians, not Sardinia.

Would you like to live and climb somewhere else ?

I would like to climb elsewhere, but I wouldn’t know how to live anywhere else.

In your opinion, Sardinian climbers are:
as all others, self-centred.

Do you like the current concept of climbing ?
I have never liked the fact that some don’t speak well of other people’s opinions in order to state their own.

And what about competitions ?
I find they are fun and help to solve small controversies. Who goes up wins, who goes down looses, simple and effective.

In the end, what is climbing for you ?
I don’t know, I climb to discover it.