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Enzo needs no introduction, he is the myth of Sardinian climbing. He has done everything during his life as a climber: he equipped at least one hundred routes, from the top, the bottom, horizontally, vertically, diagonally and sometimes swimming there…in other words he has climbed and fallen in every possible way, he has jumped from 100 m high grottoes, he has also fallen in the Verdon Gorges, saving himself at the last minute hanging on to a rope...what more can I say! Obviously, since he has done so many things, he has also spoiled classic routes with spits (some of his “enemies” certainly remember this), created unnecessary routes and other assorted “horrors”, but Enzo has also generously given us dozens of vertical kilometres, all for us to enjoy. And that cannot be underestimated, in a vertical world of climbers who are only focused on themselves and their achievements. Doesn’t a person have to be appreciated globally, without only judging his mistakes? Everyone can make mistakes, due to his passion… but it is extremely unpleasant to be judged, just like in court martial, by those who believe they are always right, judges of someone else’s actions… You all know Enzo the clown, the goliardic, the exhibitionist, the blasphemous swearer, the drugged, drunk and madly in love with one thousand women, therefore I will tell you about him…if you still don’t know him, you just need to visit him at the Rifugio Gorroppu in Dorgali and you will have fun discovering him in the endless after hour parties, along with his friends Johnny and Tossina… What nobody remembers is that Enzo is first of all a passionate and strong climber (thus obtaining excellent results) and there is no corner of Sardinia which he has not explored and where he has left some traces, chasing his dreams. All this has been lasting 15 years… not an easy achievement!

A record ?Enzo Lecis
The soundtrack of the movie “Trainspotting”.

A movie ?
Garage Olimpo.

And a writer ?
Pino Cacucci.

When did you discover climbing ?
In 1985, on the beach at Palau.

And which was the spark which started this passion ?
Pure and simple adventure.

Is there a cliff of your dreams ?
At the moment “Kalimnos” , or “Cuba”…

And the cliff where you usually go ?
Codula Fuili.

A goal ?
A new route at Gorropu, it is already called “Come te nessuno mai”. It is dedicated to Lamentu.

A myth in climbing ?
Madagascar “Tsaranoro” and “Vazahni ytap ytapy” by Tony Arbones (which is now in front of me at the refuge).

How important is friendship in climbing ?
It’s like old spits, fundamental, but unfortunately subject to strange ill-feelings; I maybe claim to be tough, but that is also subjective.

Do you feel like risking more than in your everyday life ?
I maybe do many risky things, but I really and frequently have felt what it means to not exist and disappear.

How important is it for you to feel physically fit ?
It’s at least as important as extreme sex and drugs.

If you stopped climbing you would…
This year I discovered snowboard and so… summer in New Zealand and winter in Canada, spring and autumn on the snow in Colombia… by the way, do you know Columbian girls?

What do you love most in Sardinia ?
It is always amazes me with its beautiful women.

And what do you hate ?
Costa Smeralda.

Would you like to live and climb somewhere else ?

Yes, in Brazil.

In your opinion, Sardinian climbers are:
A bit conformists and too “modern”.

Do you like the current concept of climbing ?
As all types of art, it has its surface and content, everyone sees a reflex of their own inner being, I think there is enough space for a personal research out of pre-established patterns.

And what about competitions ?
Fun often visited by too many sad persons…

In the end, what is climbing for you ?
I have to think about it… (Enzo has been thinking about it for 20 days, in the meanwhile we will publish the interview! Ndr)