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Angelo Baldino

Angelo is a young man from Sassari who immediately impressed me for his being nice and his passion for climbing. During his short carrier he has already experienced many things, traditional routes, cliffs, competitions, the management of a small gym, up to the bolting of new routes on his favourite cliff. He is an ambitious boy, but he also keeps his feet on the ground… we would need more persons like him!
Angelo Baldino
A record ?
Ub 40

A movie ?
Bronx (R. Deniro)

And a writer ?
C. Collodi

When did you discover climbing ?
When I was 16 (‘96)

And what started this passion ?
It started in Osilo grande (SS). A friend brought me the first time, and it was love at first sight, pure adrenaline! The open landscape certainly helped a lot.

Do you have a cliff of your dreams ?
There are several cliffs I would like to climb. What attract me are the Biddiriscottài cliffs, because after being there with some friend to open a classic route I was fascinated by the wild landscape.

And the cliff that you usually climb ?
I have recently been going to the Muraglia because it is a nice cliff and it offers many new opportunities.

A goal ?
It would be very satisfying for me to repeat the routes “Oceano mare”, “L’alchimista” and “Apriti cielo” on sight.

A myth in climbing ?
W. Gullich e Manolo.

Which is the importance of friendship in climbing ?
It’s important. Climbing with a friend is stimulating and the best thing is not being able to climb because your friend is making you laugh!

Do you feel like risking more than in your everyday life ?
I think that climbing is not more dangerous than other sports. There are risks in everyday life, no matter what you do. The main thing is to know one’s limits in everything you do, if it’s sport or something else.

How important is it for you to feel physically fit ?
In order to achieve certain levels in sport you have to be physically fit. I personally believe that a psychological motivation is even more important.

If you stopped climbing you would…
I would start wrestling again, a sport which gave me a good basis and a great physical training and helped me a lot in climbing.

What do you love most in Sardinia ?
I like the fact that there are places which are still inviolate, hard to find and reach, which we climbers only can probably appreciate. Moreover, I like to climb near the sea, especially in the summer, when you can take a refreshing swim in our beautiful crystal-clear sea after you climb.

And what do you hate ?
I don’t like the fact that there is not enough environmental awareness, often on behalf of Sardinians themselves. I often find rubbish on the cliffs, left by climbers, sometimes locals, when you could just put them in your back-sack and take them away.

Would you like to live and climb somewhere else ?
Yes, I would like to live in other places, where there are more climbers and therefore more opportunities to confront and grow.

In your opinion, Sardinian climbers are:
not brought out enough, because climbing, as many other things, is penalized by the fact of being on an island, where innovations always arrive later.

Do you like the current concept of climbing ?
I don’t like the fact that routes which were opened in a classical way are bolted, even if by mistake. It is disrespectful to those who created that route. I think that before doing certain things you must collect information and research. I am also annoyed by not-well bolted cliffs, when the spirit of climbing should mainly be that of safety and peacefulness.

And what about competitions ?
Competitions are a moment to confront with each other, because you realise that when you train at home or with your friends you are limited. When you compete with others you can improve and always learn something new. I think it is foolish to fear to stake oneself if you really want to. Healthy competition is useful for sport; you always have to have fun, without proving anything to anyone but yourself.

In the end, what is climbing for you ?
It’s a way to let out stress and relax, and sometimes to mend quick-draws left on the wall by some climber... just kidding!!!