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Interviews with Sardinian climbers
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ENZO LECIS, Enzo needs no introduction, he is the myth of Sardinian climbing. He has done everything during his life as a climber: he equipped at least one hundred routes...

MARTINA VACCA, After the eight-graders here is Martina, a female climber from Alghero, in order to listen to who has just begun to climb and understand their dreams and hopes…
MARCO CABOI, from Nuoro, one of the Sardinian climbers who recently reached the Olympus of 8a with grit and resolution…


  Interviews with friends of Sardinia
The last questions

MICHEL PIOLA, needs no introduction, he is one of the best contemporary alpinisti, certainly one of the most popular.

PIETRO PINOTTI, After many famous and less-known big climbers, here is a 7 year old kid who has been coming to Sardinia since he...
DAVIDE GRASSI, I met Davide via e-mail and then we met on the Geremeas rocks, which he contributed in making one of the best ...