Dear Sardiniaclimb's friends,

the column Blowin' in the Wind starts with the impressions of our friend Anna Torretta this column wants to be an experiment: it tries to combine a classical of journalusm, such as the interview, to a new internet instrument, the forum. An avatar and some opinions will help to know immediately the protagonist, and a precise question will let him express his thoughts about a certain theme, as if it were the topic of a forum.
the many characters introduced (without any discrimination of skill or nationality) will line up as in a gallery, and their answers... as Bob Dylan sang, will be blown in the wind of the internet, that will bring them who knows where! We hope that this idea will whet your insatiable appetite for novelties, and the appointment is every fortnight with a new character!
Nowadays, Anna is one of the strongest Italian alpinist. One of the greatest on ice and dry tooling, Anna did not disdain the openiong to new paths on rocks (even in Sardinia), or the repetition, alone, of great paths on artificial, like the famous Zodiac in Yosemite.
where do you live? Across Europe. At the moment, in Valle d'Aosta. - your rock is ... granite. your ideal path or mountain? The Capitan, Yosemite, Usa. Eden is... I'm searching for it A musician that makes you shiver... Moby. and a painter... Picasso. your favourite movie? Life is Beautiful, by Roberto Benigni. Tell me three words... love, friendship, joy.
Anna, of the two paths you opened in the gulf of Orosei, what has the strongest emotion been? the blue of the sea, the green of the bush, the colour of the rock seen from the top of the path. Sardinia in three distinct colours. I will never forget them.