Climbing Areas

Samugheo is a little village in the centre of Sardinia and is famous for its very beautiful carpets. There is a charming little valley with the ruins of an old castle- the Castle of Medusa not far from the village. Climbers had noticed the calcareous walls, which surrounded the castle long time before, but nobody felt like beginning to put pitons on something.

Antonio Marino, who came from Isili, was the first one who thought at it: he was able to involve the local government of Samugheo, which assigned the task of pitoning some routes to Simone Sarti.

Marco Bussu from Oristano was parallelly bolting the area near the river, downstream: he had called that zone  “l’oratorio” (“the oratory”).

The entire area looked very interesting and the limestone was very beautiful and rich of concretion. But the work stopped only a year after and the area has remained as it was: it has a lot of potentialities but little resources to go on with the bolting activities.


Considering the beauty of the places and of the walls it would be necessary to find an easier access, as the trail is very steep and subject to landslides, while the longer one requires more than half an hour to go back to the car.

These kind of difficulties wouldn’t be insurmountable with the help of the town council, which would that way make the final effort to relaunch a new and very beautiful area for climbing; that zone hasn’t been discovered by climbers yet.


Daniele Setzu, climbing in the sector “La Gola" (“The Gorge”)
(Photo  by M. Oviglia)