Climbing Areas

They have already started putting pitons on the wonderful cliff of Quirra in Muravera outskirts in 2000. The first one who got his hand on it was the local Silvio Piras: he immediately asked his friends of the Associazione Nuovi Equilibri (Association New Balances) of Cagliari for help. The first easy routes were born after a short time and this happened in the first of the three areas.
Silvio called the cliff “Passaggio per Chitur” (Passage  for Chitur).
The two superior caves were still waiting to be brought out: they promised an overhanging climbing of great beauty. That was the reason why Simone Sarti and Maurizio Oviglia have gone into action during the last year: they have put pitons on the hardest routes. The Viennese Arthur Kubista has participated too and he has freed the eight degree routes.
The cliff has by now reached 40 pitches and proposes itself as the new Mecca of the difficult overhanging climbing of the island. Actually these are continuous routes in a very varied style which i5s not particularly technical. The success is then assured!
Silvio is however going on creating easy and well protected paths, so one can think that they will gladly come with their fiancées or with anyone who couldn’t engage himself in the big overhanging rocks of the high areas.

Pitons were entirely in steel and were self-financed by riveters only, mostly by Piras.


Pietro Panfili su "The power of gnocca"(6b+)
al primo settore della falesia di Quirra
(Photo Maurizio Oviglia)