Climbing Areas

Flaviano Bessone on El Viento (7b) (Photo Maurizio Oviglia)

Cuenca del Cabron is a reddish cave, located right on top of the town of Buggerru and unnoticed for a long time. During year 2000, Flavio Bessone, with the aid of Bruno Fonnesu, has done a good job, preparing approx. 15 itineraries, equipped with inox bolts.
The wall has been funded by the accommodation facility “A Ca' da Pria” in Nebida (Bordighera’s Cai - IM - helped and lent the drill).
The climbing style is very interesting, because it is different from the slab type, common on many walls in the surrounding area. At the Cuenca, as a matter of fact, you must climb on stalactites and grips which are, all considered, sharp and not very small.
A continuous climb results from this fact, with lengths that are sometimes close to 30 m. Although the climbing style of this wall is pretty fashionable, this place, still today, is not very crowded, perhaps due to the fact that it is too far from Cagliari.
The development and exploitation of nearby walls could help the Buggerru area, up till now not part of tourist routes, to become a fixed destination for climbers.

S. Sarti on
Esperando la ultima ola (7a+)
Photo M. Oviglia


M. Oviglia on
Lagrimas de oro (7a)
Photo Frank Sillen

M. Oviglia on
Dia luna dia piena (7a+)
Photo Frank Sillen