Climbing Areas

Here is a new bouldering area, perhaps not equal to the Orotelli bouldering paradise, yet rich in enchanting landscapes just a stoneís throw away from some of the most famous beaches in Italy! This new area is public (itís not inside private property) and the boulders are close and easy to recognise. Small merits which make a visit to this area worthwhile for all boulderers on vacation; remember that in the summer friction is not always perfect, but you can always climb late in the eveningÖI have entirely introduced this area to climbers, you can climb on excellent medium-grained granite and large black crystals which you can hold on to. Thatís all, have fun!

La Cartina

Flady Selis on "Noia estetica" (4c) - (photo Maurizio Oviglia).

Simone: Lacrime amare (6c), photo M. Oviglia

One of the Villasimius beaches, photo M. Oviglia