Climbing Areas

Pedra Longa, sottostante la falesia (Foto Maurizio Oviglia)
Several beautiful and excellent calcareous walls dominate the route sloping from Baunei to Pedra Longa. We made the most of the inferior strip of Punta Su Mulone several years ago, creating the cliff of Campo dei Miracoli (The Field of Miracles). Unfortunately a landslide felled over the easier routes of the cliff and that gave us to understand that perhaps that place wasn't completely safe. So this area was neglected in favour of Cala Gonone that was fairly near at end.
But we have never realized that there was a very beautiful cliff, still virgin, just over the route!
Giampaolo Mocci took the initiative and gathered a little group of climbers and their girl-friends around him: he perhaps was stimulated by the fact he spends his holydays near Baunei every year. He wanted to put pitons on the whole cliff.
More than 15 itineraries were created on beautiful holes and little crimpers during three winter week-ends: they worked very hardly from morning to evening.
The most beautiful aspect of that experience was that Giampaolo was able to involve everyone: even girls could create their routes. That cliff has already been strongly criticized because of Giampaolo's decision to put very close assurance anchors.
This is strange if we consider that the nearby long routes with exposed pitons are deserted and people who criticize, prefers climbing routes with closer pitons.
Everyone must be free to choose the type of routes he prefers; Mocci just wanted to create a cliff which could be suitable for beginners and for everyone who liked to climb without danger. The demonstration has been the great success of that cliff, even before it has been published.