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Andrea Mainas on "Hawk of Israel"(6c+) (Photo Maurizio Oviglia)


The small wall in Ussassai was set thanks to Silvano Mura, keen on hunting as well as deputy mayor, who convinced the town council to fund the fitting out of the wall. Finding a wall fit for climbing seemed an easy task in an area rich in walls such as Ussassai. Instead, all considered, it’s been difficult to find a structure which was not too difficult and, at the same time, fit to be the first of a hopefully long series of bolted cliffs. In this area, like in other places, climbing could represent the opportunity to have local young people get to know an open-air activity, unknown up to now; the town is far from the main flow of tourists, but is rich in natural beauties, only partly discovered by the “little green train” (“trenino verde”). The cliff, selected and bolted by Maurizio Oviglia, is exactly on top of the town, and Ussassai is just along the beautiful road that connects Baunei and Jerzu to Isili. There is nothing better than a break after climbing, to taste the wild boars hunted by Silvano! The wall is right on top of the town, along the road that leads to the small Church of San Girolamo from the surroundings of the Arcuerì.

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Andrea Mannias
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