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1993, M.Oviglia on Canterbury (7b+) (photo Cecilia Marchi)

Urania, the overhang planet

Urania is one of the most famous and the most difficult Sardinian cliffs.
This brief article aims at seeing what the situation of evaluations is. Some
memories come out looking at historical photos: they mean something for
people being there, breaking their arms and looking at bigs which circled over very hard routes…
As you can note there are still a lot of projects, which have not been developed yet. This article is also an invitation to improve the cliff world: people should consider other routes in addition to those everyone has repeated and which are very fashionable nowadays.
Canterbury, Wonderland, Dissonanze (Dissonances), Caffè Surreale (Surreal Coffee)...: they all are very beautiful tests, but consider how exciting would be to be the first one to open a new route.
So let's start doing it, but please respect the choices of climbers who bolted routes!
Don't dig where they didn't want to, and if you remove some pitons, please talk with them first!


1994, Fabrizio Dessi on Gerico
Seve Scassa on Caffè Surreale,

1994, Scassa on talpe Elettroniche
1992, Ferruccio Svaluto
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1994, Oviglia on Wonderland