Climbing Areas

The elegant rout (photo Eugenio Pinotti)

Mellosarda, of Eugenio Pinotti

The granite!
It Is lovely and amusing like a mushroom which is blooming unexpected and remains there waiting for somebody to pick it up...exactly like MELLOSARDA: this beautiful route goes up to an interesting spur of red granite located midway between Dorgali and Baunei, in the limestone heart of Supramonte.

E.Lecis and S. Sarti, 1999
120 mt, 6b (6a obbl.)
material: 10 extenders, a rope of 60 m (or 2 ropes of 50m).
The route is entirely supplied with inox fixes, placed more distant in the easiest parts of the face.

Access: the route grows up into a stately spur of granite nearby the road that connects Urzulei to Lotzorai. You can leave the car in a parking place in the edge of the road and then follow a dirt road that forded a small river (beautiful corks). Through a vague path between blocks and bushes it is possible to reach the basement of the spur and the road on the left-hand side of the wall (10 minutes from the car).


photo Piero Repetti
Eugenio Pinotti on Mellosarda
photo Piero Repetti