Historical outlines..

1984: Bruno Poddesu and Maurizio Oviglia mark out the first route on Castello dell’Iride (Castle of Iridis), Giochi di Spade (Game of Swords), the level on the left of Supergulp, still without any kind of equipment and free for climbing with nuts.

1985: Raimondo Liggi and Maurizio Oviglia equip Supergulp from the top, a mythical route with an amazing rock.

1985: Cecilia Marchi and Maurizio Oviglia add another hardy route, Demian, equipped with pitons and few bolts for years.

1987: Maurizio Oviglia adds two difficult routes, Anche i Ragni si Baciano (Even Spiders Kiss Each Other)and the good Body and Soul.

1988: the Venetian Ferruccio Svaluto Moreolo equips two routes. One of them is the extremely difficult Tramonto Rosso (Red Sunset, 7b), corrected in 2004.

1988: Corrado Conca opens the left slab of Castello dell’Iride, with the route Down By Law

1990: The strong, German climbers T. Fickert e B. Thum equip two short and easy routes on the left of Supergulp

1990: Maurizio Oviglia puts pitons on the difficult slab of Tra il dire e il fare (7a)

1990: Enzo Lecis is interested in the cliff, and equips some good routes on the left of Down by Law, among them I sogni di Francesca (Francesca’s Dreams)

1991: it’s Gianluca Piras’ turn, who adds a route on the slab of Gigli Marini (Sea Lilys)

1992: Maurizio Oviglia is the author of another good 7a, “Ci vuole un altra vita” (You Need Another Life)

1993: Daniele Bigozzi e Gianluca Piras equip several routes, easy and popular ones. The cliff becomes a subject in climbing courses

1993: Maurizio Oviglia renews the pitons in the old ways and add some new ones. The cliff comes to a new life, and becomes the most
frequented in South Sardinia

1994: Oviglia succeeds in climbing on the smooth “Specchio delle mie brame”, an eliminating 7b, and repeats Tramonto Rosso

2001: the local Bruno Fonnesu devotes himself to re-launch the cliff and to improve it quite significantly. He draws a very good path and puts pitons in several, easy itineraries on the extreme left of the slab Gigli Marini

2003: again, Bruno Fonnesu starts covering the blanks left. On the left, he puts pitons on some beautiful routes.

2004: Flaviano Bessone puts bolts on two sectors on the extreme right of the wall. One is low and violent, the other one is long, and on brown rock

2004: Maurizio Oviglia and Cecilia Marchi puts pegs and strighten Tramonto Rosso. The pitch is possibile in 2 ways, using the corner (7c) o climbing directly (8a). Cecilia climbs the 7c version and Maurizio frees the direct one: it is the first 8a of Masua.

2004: the Paduan Andrea Minetto fills in the right sector with some new routes.