Access and notes
How to get there: you can get to Masua from Iglesias (SW Sardegna) keeping on going on SS130 towards Gonnesa-Carbonia. Before arriving to Gonnesa, turn right and you will get to the beautiful beach of Fontanamare. Here the road goes up on the dark reefs and arrives to the village of Nebida. The little village of Masua is past Nebida, at the feet of the cliffs. From here, you have to get to the beach and follow a short dirt road. You can park at its end, by the entrance of the old mine.

By feet: just bifore the old mine, on the right, you’ll find a path that in 5 minutes leads under the route “Gohan”.

Ideal time: in Masua you can climb all year long, but it can be very hot in summer. Cliffs are in shade after 3 pm.

Equipment: very good in stainless steel bolts.

Camping: for now, free in the pine-wood, but they are going to make a regualtion of the area.

Where to sleep: Hostel for climbers Ca’ da Pria in Nebida or Pan di Zucchero Hotel.

Bars and restaurants: one bar in Masua, and several possibilities in Nebida.

Sea: beaches and reefs everywhere. Pay great attention in days of mistral. This piece of coast is sadly known for several drownings caused by vortexes and currents.

Maurizio Oviglia su "Tin tin dans la nuit" (6b+), David
Kaszlikowski photo /StudioWspin.com.pl