Year of Production: summer 2004
Set: Parete del Sol Levante, Masua, Sardegna Directed by: Giorgio Caddeo
Subject: from an idea of Maurizio Oviglia Main Actors: Giorgio Caddeo e Vincenzo Carcangiu Walk on (very rare): the drill

Plot: the route follows the very evident, beautiful and linear crack. Up to today, it has been incredibly left out of the adjacent routes by the first climbers (with bolts). The idea is to offer a route that helps the public to get familiar with nuts and friends, having one or two bolts for security reason, in case none of the friends have been fixed properly, and the spectator falls like Willy Coyote... The spectator will be led by the director along the crack, and images and movements will flow gently and never brutally, in a quite elegant crack A great adventure in the heart of Masua, now a climbing spot devoted to sporting climb!!

Develpoment: the route is 140 m long and it is on left of "Arancia meccanica" And of the right of "Eppure il vento soffia ancora". You need some friends (you should double medium and thick measures) Nuts are useful, but not necessary Better to have a helmet, two ropes 50 and 60 m long. The route is a RS1. Stops with bolts. .

Climb the route on the left side, protected by good little cracks until you get to a little terrace, S1 (30 m, from 4c to 5b, 1 bolt). Climb a short wall and enter a crack. Cross a difficult pass (6a+), protected by two bolts. Keep on going in the crack up to the stop (S2 30 m). Cover the crack, now wide, with a pleasant climb (5c, 1 spit) up to the terrace (S3, 30 m). Keep on following the linear and wide crack, leaving from a precipice (3 spit, dal 6a al 6b), having a stop at the junipar at the end of the route (S4, 50 m). Descents advised on Arancia Meccanica

Notes: route is candidate to the Oscar award.

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