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Rolando Larcher

Rolando Larcher is one of the most important Italian climbers. In 1989, during his first trip on the Island, he opened “Raoni” in Cala Fuili, (grade 8b, today 8a). It was the most difficult route in the island and is today one of the most longed-for pitches for climbers from all over Europe. Ten years later he was in the Gorroppu Gorges and he opened, along with Vigiani, Hotel Supramonte, once again the hardest multi-pitch route in Sardinia and Italy. Apart from these two master-pieces, which represent a fundamental moment in Italian climbing, Rolando is the author of several 8a routes on sight and some important first free ascents. An exceptional personality!
Rolando Larcher
Where do you live ?
I live in Trento.

Do you love your homeland or would you want to live somewhere else ?
I love it and live happily there, it fulfils all the needs connected to my passions.

How did you discover Sardinia ?
I discovered Sardinia in May, 1989, during a climbing trip.

Do you come back often ?
As soon as I can arrange it.

Do Sardinian rocks have something special ?
LSardinian rocks are surrounded by a wild landscape and an unmistakable scent which comes from the Mediterranean shrub, enhanced when it rains a bit, this is what makes them special.

What if there wasn’t the sea in Sardinia ?
It would be a pity, because you can’t only live on rocks!!!!!

Would you like to live on an island ?
I would live there if there were also mountains, it’s the only thing I could remark on.

Which place impressed you the most ?
There are many places which impressed me: Gorropu, for the wild feeling it expresses; Capo Testa, for its silence and the surreal atmosphere, the “orientale sarda” the stretch between Dorgali and Baunei, which gives me the sensation of a frontier, something very rare in Italy and which I only felt in the American and African open spaces.

Is there a route which alone is worth a trip to Sardinia ?
Hotel Supramonte.

And a route that you would like to repeat ?
I would like to repeat Hotel Supramonte with the time and smearing which are necessary for the fifth pitch rotpunkt.

Is there a place where you wouldn’t return ?
I have visited the entire island and I honestly don’t remember a place where I wouldn’t want to return.

What would you do if you lived on the island ?
I would be a thief, since on the mainland I’m a policeman. I’m just joking, I could maybe be a billiard player, sometimes playing bowls, maybe throwing a few pitches in the evening, when the smearing is better.

Do you believe that too many routes damage or increase the value of a place ?
Routes must be opened in an intelligent and logical way, I believe that " two independent routes are better than three compelled ones ". Therefore, I think that routes can increase the value of an area; deterioration can take place, but it is mainly due to bad manners. Anyhow, one thing I love in Sardinian cliffs and walls is peacefulness, a priceless and motivating feature; I believe that if this should ever fail, I would do the same.

Do you think that there is enough space for everyone on Sardinian rocks ?
I believe so, the raw material is abundant, but we must always remember that it cannot be renewed. If this sport will continue in this direction and there will not be some kind of restriction, rocks will necessarily wear out, we must remember to respect trying not to dig them. This will at least provide future generations with some very difficult projects to solve.

And how long will this last ?
Time will tell. I think there is more time left comparing to other places, due to the number of rocks and the lucky mild inclination towards bolting.