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Pietro Pinotti

After many famous and less-known big climbers, here is a 7 year old kid who has been coming to Sardinia since he was born, his bearded father also dedicated a route to him on the Margheddie rocks (Cala Gonone). Pietro, also known as “Pepe”, spends the month of June on the Cala Gonone rocks and beaches: he is the best person to show us Sardinia through the eyes of a small climber, where rocks are considered as they deserve, surrounding a paradise made of beaches, crystal clear sea, icecreams and many games to play and discover.

Where do you live?Pietro Pinotti
In Gossolengo (PC) with my family.

Which is your favourite song?
"Hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno"

And movie?
There are three: “Atlantis”, “Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron”, “Treasure Planet”.

A book or a writer?
Geronimo Stilton

Do you love your homeland or would you want to live somewhere else?
I love my homeland.

How did you discover Sardinia?
I don’t remember because I was too small, my mom and dad always brought me there

Do you come back often?
Yes, every year.

Do Sardinian rocks have something special?
Yes, because they never break!!

What if there wasn’t the sea in Sardinia?
I would not go there, because I don’t like islands without the sea.

Would you like to live on the island?

Which place impressed you the most?
Cala Luna and Cala Goloritzè with its giant carrot (it should eat my sister Matilde, so she wouldn’t talk for a while...).

Is there a route which is worth a trip to Sardinia alone?
Routes for children in Cala Fuili.

And a route that you would like to repeat?

Where wouldn’t you return?
I didn’t like bulldozers widening the beach in Cala Gonone, they made the water dirty.

What would you do if you lived on the island?
If I lived on the island I would ride on a pedal boat from Cala Gonone to Cala Luna all day long.