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“Sardiniaclimb in Dorgali” Meeting

Feast of the Mountain

Saturday  28th April Bolted wall in the Dorgali pine wood (high ring road)

Climbing Meeting Rules

Opening of the registrations: h:10:30 a.m.; Beginning of the competition h: 11:00 a.m..

Max NR. of hours: 6h

Nr. of compulsory routes to be climbed: 5

Purpose: To realise the highest score by climbing 5 routes as roped-party leader or as the second one, in flash or worked climbing(??).


1.       Each athlete participates in an autonomous way. He scores the total of points, which corresponds, to his own performance. (see the scores table).

2.       Each athlete can participate as roped-party leader or as the second one in the “flash or on sight styles”; it is also possible to change the style at each new climbing.

3.       Each athlete can distribute his time in the five routes as he thinks it would be better; he mustn’t use more than an hour for each route.

4.       A judge will be assigned to every couple of athletes.

5.       NR 30 points will be deducted for each climbing route, which has not been done.

“Roped-party leader”

6.       Routes can be “worked” but the attempts to be considered for the final score will only be the roped-party leader’s ones.

7.       The best performance only will be considered in the worked climbing.

8.       It will be up to the athlete’s judgement to leave quickdraws(??) or ropes to the following athlete.

9.       Each athlete must declare to the judge: the style, degree and the name of the route he is going to climb.

10.   Each athlete must find a fellow-insurer.

11.   Each athlete will have to be a member of FASI, CAI or UISP (for insurance covering), and present his card for the registration operations.

“Second of the roped-party”:

12.   You can do 2 resting as “second roped-party”; you will gain a lump-sum score at the third resting. (see the scores table).

13.   There is the possibility of working a route, but one must declare it before starting for an “attempt”.

Score rules | Time table