Climbing Areas

A new bouldering area has come out, as if by magic, after Geremeas rocks: it is nearby Cagliari! Four years ago I have been wandering- long time before the bouldering-fashion came back into fashion-throughout the lands around Cagliari; I however didn't find what I was looking for. I was wrong: I was used to the bouldering-fashion of the 80s on the Piedmontese erratic blocks and I was looking for a big rock, 7/8 metres high, where I could trace several moves. So I hadn't noticed that just under the Sardinian eastern route, the SS125, a true paradise was concealed, made up of rocks 3 metres high at the most: there were great numbers of very beautiful moves all waiting to be discovered. I remembered it in the January 2001: immediately Simone Sarti and I started doing our very best, trying to climb what looked like huge granitic eggs. We think one of the most beautiful Sardinian bouldering areas has come out; perhaps even of all the Italian ones. It is constituted by very fine granite, not bad at all to the touch; it has technical moves and difficult recovery. It needs a lot of equilibrium gifts but there is little probability of to getting hurt by falling down… There aren't very difficult moves for the moment: the problem is that some of the projects we have considered are difficult to develop. We offer you this delicious thing, while waiting for the national experts!

Maurizio Oviglia and Cinzia Meloni on a 6a
in the sector "Solitari" (Photo M. Zurru)