Climbing Areas

La 'piccola Bottega degli Orrori' (The little workshop of horrors) is a little wall not horrible at all, not far from the little church of Saint John of Domusnovas: this is an area that is already brimful with cliffs. Its riveting had actually started in 1988 when the first route was created thanks to the photoclimber Mattia Vacca. Two routes were then added by Corrado Conca and the thing finished in that moment. The little workshop sunk into oblivion! But Massimo Gessa, also called Gessetto decided to start the beautiful little wall restyling during the autumn of 2000, under the wall with not very clear purposes. He was alone in that titanic undertaking at the beginning, but at least his most faithful friends, conscience-stricken, decided to lend him a hand: Giampaolo Mocci the strongest climber from Assemini and Alessandro Casti, the strongest from San Sperate. They got immediately ahead and sacrificed entire Sundays to go and put pitons up there! The power of friendship performs miracles! And at last it was me that wound it up with a flourish with the hardest route: this one will bend your fingers a little, or at least I hope it will have this effect! The climbing is a violent one, as it was in 1988, on routes from the degree 6b upwards. But it is a pleasant and relaxing one, on a beautiful grey rock and it is well marked with pitons on easy degrees. Routes are a little short but agreeable; the cliff is in the shade in the late morning. You can reach it from the little church in 15 minutes! In case you would like to have further information, please look at Pietra di Luna!

Massimo Gessa, author of almost all the routes, on the Mago del Computer (The PC Magician) (6b) - (Photo: Maurizio Oviglia)