Climbing Areas

Here are some routes I specially equipped for your children at Cala Fuili! The problem is that they are sometimes used by their parents, who are attracted by the facts pitons are very close together! It is very unusual to find routes equipped this way in Italy. They are actually itineraries where the assurance anchors are outdistanced of about a metre. The aim would be to make the children start climbing as roped-party leaders. They are more or less one metre high and of course everything must be adapted to them. If they tried and climbed a normal pitoned route, they would risk too long flights. Many people think it is not advisable to make children try and climb as roped-party leaders if they are younger than 7 years old; even if in France sometimes it happens to see younger roped-party leaders. At Cala Fuili years old children can gain a good knowledge of rocks and abseils. If parents pay attention, knees scrapes-inevitable when children descend suspended on a rope for the first time-can be avoided. All the routes are equipped with stainless steel pitons and have cost very much! We hope this sacrifice can be an example for a lot of riggers who consider routes fit for their level only and don't think they could have been more skilful if someone had given them the possibility to try when they were children. There is a last advice I would like to give you: the left route, "Nesquik", is normally equipped as it is 25 metres long.This is a length that a child would be able to bear with difficulty. So take this as a gift for parents!

Pikachu at Cala Fuili (Foto M. Oviglia)