Climbing Areas

Three "easy" routes

I suggest three long routes completely full of bolts this month: they are of an approachable difficulty to pleasantly climb in a beautiful environment. Switch the printer of your PC on and print the sketches of the following routes, which are totally unpublished and unknown to everyone! The people who opened these routes have decided to give a preview present to Sardinia Climb, repaying that way the confidence in the site you demonstrated with your many contacts (more than one thousand per month, wow!).

The first route is on the Reef of Buggerru. It is a beautiful climbing on an exceptional rock in a marine surroundings. It has been the first route of the reef to be opened with apit; others will (probably) follow this one and change this reef into a new centre of climbing which will remind the famous Montagna Spaccata (Splitted Mountain) of Gaeta.

The second route is at Masua, on reefs which have already been enough known by climbers. It has the particularity of being the easiest among those that have been opened up to now; it suggests two pitches of the fourth degree but on a wonderful rock. There are some more difficult passages (6b/6b+) which mustn't worry because it isn't compulsory at all.

The third present comes from Eugenio Pinotti, from Piacenza, and from his friends. This time they give us the present of the easiest way of the Mount Oddeu, at the extreme right side of the wall. Drop there, as this isn't an ordinary route!

Maurizio Oviglia opens the route of "riflessi Magici" ("Magical glares") at the reef of Buggerru
(Photo by M. Zurru)