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Sardinians Climbers realizations

Punta Cusidore
raises from the lands between Oliena and Dorgali with a calcareous wall up to 500 metres high.

Monte Ruiu
Sardinia is the biggest granitic area in Italy: so it is a normal consequence that the...
Rio Cannas
A new bouldering area has come out, as if by magic, after Geremeas rocks...

They have already started putting pitons on the wonderful cliff of Quirra in Muravera outskirts in 2000.

There is a charming little valley with the ruins of an old castle-the Castle of Medusa.

The little workshop of horrors)
is a little wall not horrible at all, not far from the little church of Saint John of Domusnovas...

Gorroppu Gorges, is a magic place among the most beautiful ones in Sardinia...

A new wall at Isili? It seems a heresy but it is really true! We have come back and climbed on the walls of Isili on September...

Three "easy" routes
This month I suggest three long routes completely full of bolts

Bruncu Nieddu
Maurizio Oviglia brought a new track to conclusion: he climbed alone the overhanging northwest wall of Bruncu Nieddu
The Castle of Jerzu
150 new routes in Jerzu (the map).