Climbing Areas

Gianluca Piras on tratto chiave (6c) Drago Immortale
(photo Mattia Vacca).
The western wall of this beautiful mountain, unknown to most alpinists and climbers, has recently , after several difficult routes were opened.
Probably the longer approach has favoured the isolation of this wall, which still offers many opportunities for the uture.
There are three routes I suggest, only one of which is modern.
Two were created by Luigi Scema and Gianluca Piras and are very exacting traditional routes where a sound knowledge of the placing of protections and a good climbing level are very important.
The third itinerary, "Fattoria Mac Kenzie", was created by Corrado Pibiri and his friends. It is a less stressful route, entirely equipped with spits, which is sure to be very popular. I'll let you choose!

Fattoria di Mc Kenzie
(by Corrado Pibiri)

Gianluca Piras on the
Drago Immortale
photo Mattia Vacca