Climbing Areas

Angelo Baldino on "E' più facile scendere" (6c) (photo Maurizio Oviglia)

Sassari’s climbing has recently discovered this large area in Osilo, which locals had already visited about ten years ago; at that time, they only prepared some belays, waiting for future possible projects. During year 2000 I arrived there, and started to estimate the rock, making it accessible and easy to approach from the bottom. With my friend Davide Berluti, I started to open the first routes, followed by some local equippers and some guests, creating 25 pitches from 5b to 7a+, mainly vertical slabs and leaning, plus some overhangs. The routes, all equipped with resine bolts and chains at belays, are 7 to 30 metres long. The climb is suitable for everybody, great for beginners and pleasant for experienced climbers. The Wall is near the towns and is located in a beautiful area. It is developing, it still has so much to offer, and it has quickly become the reference cliff for local climbers and a great stop for visitors.
Marcello Mariano

How to get there:
From Sassari, turn towards Osilo and take the new road, leaving the old one on your right. After 3,5 km along the new road, follow a small paved road on the left, that goes straight on for 500m, then turn left on another small road that crosses the railroad with a bend. Follow the road, go down and continue towards the visible cliff (on the right), until you park in a meadow that stretches on its left side. Follow a steep path on the W ridge, which will lead you to the rocks’ base (10 minutes).

Simone Sarti on
Free Trattallo (7a/7a+)photo Maurizio Oviglia

View of the cliff

Angelo Baldino
on "Manitù" (5c).
photo Maurizio Oviglia