Climbing Areas


REPORT: attach a slab getting over the step (6a+) and through flakes and footholds it is possible to reach the basement of an overhanging dihedral, that can be overcome with an athletic voulting (6b), pausing on a terrace (S1, 30m).
Thanks to some holes it is possible to reach a bench (6a/6b+), at the basement of a crack, going on the left-hand side; you have to go up (6a) along a ramp, on the right-hand side. The ramp ends up in a big opening, from which, thanks to a technical move (5c), you can reach through the higher wall a resting tafonata area (S2, 35m).
You go back to the right-hand side of the higher wall (5a) thorugh a marvellous vein relief and reach two large bell-shaped tafoni , with an “artificial” tunnel.
Meeting slabs (5a) you end up in a beautiful red wall (S3, 35m). Going up straight along a friction climbing slab (6a/6a+), tafoni and flakes you finally reach the summit of the spur (S4, 20m).

Descent: abseil along the way (maillon equipped rest). Using two ropes of 50 m, it is possible to go down with only two descents.