SC emissary: Why did you decide to make a non-commercial movie in Hollywood (Masua), the hometown of leisure? aren't you afraid that the setting of your movie could be, let's say..., misunderstood?

GC: Well, Masua is an ideal set: the sea, beautiul rocks and shadow in the afternoon. You know, even in the past well-known directors chose these precipices for their screenplays! I think Porto Flavia is a good location for low-cost pulp movies like ours: the idea behind Kill Bill was to follow a genre (trad+spit) already exhisting, but never tried in Masua...

SC emissary: Don't you think that some scenes in the movie could involve the youngest audience in too dangerous games, not suitable for underage public?

GC: Well, yes, some scenes have been made by professional stuntmen. Actually, difficulties are popular and some spit in the mounting of the most difficult parts will help the audiece indeed! Remember: all the owners of the Warner Cad card will find two twinkling spits and pop-corns in alle the stop-seats!

SC emissary: Can the spit be a commercial temptation, or do you play with genres like a Tarantino of the climbing?

GC: True: spits make the movie more accessible to a lot of people, even to those who don't love "pulp". Spits are moments of reflection to break the involvement of the action. Anyway, amusement is guarateed for traditional movies lover !

SC emissary: Your debut opera was, I hope I'm not mistaking, a fantasy movie. It drew inspiration from a " disney cartoon": The Wall of Elves. Today it has become a cult, but in cinemas, it was a flop. According to you, why it was a success for the critics, but a failure for the public?

GC: to say the truth, in the first year we had good returns at the box-office, and even a nomination at the Cus-cus Festival in Carloforte. Actually, The Wall of Elves is a countertrendency film, a remake of those '80 movies you don't see any longer in cinemas.What is great, is the isolation of its position. I think that the destiny of The Wall of Elfs is to stay in the collections of most affectionate cinephiles...

SC emissary: Is it true that you recruit Vincenzo Carcangiu on an internet chat-line?

GC: I read his cv and then I decided to sign him up. as his contract by the Metro Goldwin Pibiri had temporary expired. Well, if I can, I would like to thank good Vince for having taken part in Kill Bill!

SC emissary: Some voices say that your next movie will be adventurous and set in Barbagia, a place of seizures. You will engage unknown actors. Can you tell as a little more about it?

GC: well, ideas are many. I was thinking of a location in Supramonte to experiment a new genre: malloreddus-western. I was thinkng of the plot: a young trasportee from Cagliari goes in Barbagia for a delivery, and in the end he has to face the difficulties of Supramonte. For the cast, only debutant or non-professional actors. I have read about Mr. Fisieddu...have you ever heard of him?

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