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Andrea Mannias libera " I muscoli del Kapitano"
(photo M. Oviglia)


Muro dei Folletti is located in the Iglesias area, very near the famous and renowned Punta Pilocca: the wall can be seen behind the trees, on top of a steep, rocky canyon. The cliff is approx. 60 m high, was explored in the 80’s and was thus baptized by its first climbers: in 1985 Maurizio Oviglia and Cecilia Marchi opened “Geometria di un sorriso” (see Pietra di Luna, 2nd edition), a grade 6 route in traditional style, which still today deserves to be repeated. Maurizio also began a nice project on the overhanging part of the wall… Muro dei Folletti was then forgotten for almost 15 years, outclassed by other more attractive cliffs, easier to reach…

In October 2002, after a convincing survey, a group of climbers from Cagliari (Gianluca Congiu, Sandro Buluggiu, Giorgio Caddeo and Sabrina Porcedda) armed theirselves with Hilti and decided to bolt the cliff with spits, with a modern attitude but always maintaining an ideal continuity with the past…

The main wish is to live the phases which precede the climb of a new wall as leading actors, anyhow the four “fighting drills” mysteriously cancelled all the apointments with Isili, and besieged Muro dei Folletti…After about 2 months and with Maurizio’s final touch, the wall offers 18 interesting routes equipped with spits, plus the traditional route dating to 1985, which was left unchanged in order to whet the appetite of nostalgic trad-climbers…

We now present the wall in its new version to climbers and all those who will want to visit the area up there, maybe to find their innner Elf, who runs away from the traffic and the loud modernity…

So have fun and take a look at the GUESTBOOK at the feet of the overhangs!!!

Giorgio Caddeo


Giorgio scrive i nomi

Sarti tenta a vista
Tziu Gianky

Giorgio in arrampicata
Giorgio con il muro ancora vergine

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