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November 2000 Climbers realizations

No Sardinian has been able to go beyond the eight in November; we nevertheless have very good realisations on 7c+ by unknown names and new names of the insular course of climbers who are slowly risen their level on the cliff up. Let's start considering Grazia Fenu, who has this time "sunk" "Fumo negli occhiali"(Smoke in the glasses) at Cala Fuili! Always at Cala Fuili an Angelo Lobina's realisation must be mentioned: it was realised some time ago on Amanita Giņ and seemed to fix its degree on 8a. Angelo Manca has given himself a 7c+ at Pale, during an out-of town performance, in Umbria. Southwards the only one who has realised something has been Mariano Zurru (see the photo) from Campidano, who has offered himself the repetition of Big Science (7c+) at Isili (Philosophers' Stone). It is a boulders route opened by Arthur Kubista and repeated only once or twice, because of its violence. Arthur has given it the degree 8a, considering a hazardous jump from two little jagged rocks (MONOLITI??). But it was afterwards discovered how to avoid this movement on the left and the degree has been lowered to 7c+. Bravo to Mariano, who is becoming the Philosophers' Stone specialist and is "gnawing" all the hardest, routes one after another.
Photo: Mariano Zurru on Big Science (Photo by M. Oviglia)

Mariano Zurru su Big Science (Foto M. Oviglia)