Climbing Areas

Realisations of sports-climbing by Sardinians climbers- October 2000

Marco Bussu, from Oristano, called "no weight" for his physical qualities, has carried out a task in the planet of boulders which is still at the beginning in Sardinia. Marco has by now become a Boulder expert (he has won the Sardinian tournament) and has participated to international competition. He has obtained very good results on the reef and is also beating the area of Orani, which will probably become one of the sanctuaries of the climbing on rocks in Italy. The very strong Francois Lombard has already left a sign at Orani being successful on an almost smooth spur and giving it the degree 7a+. Well, Marco has been able to repeat this passage and then to open a new one of the 7b+ degree: probably this has up to now been the hardest boulder of Sardinia.


Marco Bussu on the Lombard route 7a+