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Davide Grassi Monti

I met Davide via e-mail and then we met on the Geremeas rocks, which he contributed in making one of the best realities in Sardinian bouldering. Davide is a strong boulderer, but most of all a complete climber. He is an excellent climber in all styles, from slabs (he was able to complete Manifesto, 8a in Jerzu, at his first try) to overhang. But his greatest love is bouldering and the discovery of new rocks, which is still possible in the area surrounding his summer home in Torre delle Stelle, and will be so for our next ten lives if our wish is granted and we return as lizards. Yes, the rocks in Torre delle Stelle have sealed our friendship in the best way, not to mention his girlfriend Pia and the two climber-dogs Fox and Camilla…

Davide Grassi Monti
Where do you live?
I live in Solaro, a small town north of Milan. I must say that it is located pretty well, it takes about 30-40 minutes to reach the first cliffs in the Lecco and Como areas.

Do you love your homeland or would you want to live somewhere else?
I love Milan but if I could I would move to Sardinia or central Italy, where the quality of life is definitely better than here!

How did you discover Sardinia?
When I was young, I used to come here on vacation. I discovered Sardinian rocks only recently, about two years ago, when I read on a magazine that there were blocks to climb in Geremeas…that’s how love blossomed.

Do you come back often?
As soon as I can, from two to four times a year.

Do Sardinian rocks have something special?
What fascinates me most in Sardinia is the environment and the many opportunities, more than the fantastic rocks. There are rocks to climb and blocks to clean everywhere.

What if there wasn’t the sea in Sardinia?
I would come more often! But I think it would be less charming.

Would you like to live on the island?
That may happen sooner or later. It is definetely one of the places where I would move to immediately.

Which place impressed you the most?
The Isili valley. Nirvana for a climber.

Is there a route which is worth a trip to Sardinia alone?
Sardinian rocks are worth the trip. Every route has its charm and every block its special magic; at the moment I cannot choose.

And a route that you would like to repeat?
Om shiva na… at the tigers’ den. What a trip

Where wouldn’t you return?
I did not explore enough places, I cannot say that I have some cliffs or block areas where I would not return to.

What would you do if you lived on the island?
Nothing, I would climb with you. I hope Pia finds a very well-paid job.

Too many routes damage or increase the value of a place?
I prefer one route missing rather than an extra one. I don’t like cliffs where there are some holds which are ok and others that belong to another route.

Do you think that there is enough space for everybody on Sardinian rocks?
I would say so. That is why I hope that they will not be ruined by persons who only aim at reaching the chain as soon as possible and are not interested in measuring themselves with the rock..

And how long will this last?
For a very long time.