Climbing Areas

The Gorroppu de Ghirovai,or Gorroppeddu, is a gorge on the northen side of Codula di Luna. It is a suggestive and wild place.

it is possible to arrive at the beginning of the path in two ways:.

. at the 172 km of SS125 take the road to Codula di Luna.- After 500 m turn right on a dirt road and keep on going till the fold under the face of Serra Oseli. keep on driving untill the road lets you go, then leave your car and climb a hill and descend it. you are going to be opposite the entrance of the gorge. a wood of millenarian yew trees! wlak for 45 minutes in the canyon till the entrance of the gorge. from here, you have to abseil.

-2. At the Km 169 keep a dirt road in direction of the sea for about 4km util you get to a crossroads. take the road on the left, and follow a path on the hill towards the gorge. park here your car and walk down to the wood, then towards the gorge for about 30 minutes. once you have finished the path, walk along the ridge untill your car.