Climbing Areas
Punta Cusidore raises from the lands between Oliena and Dorgali with a calcareous wall up to 500 metres high. There are a lot of other walls in Sardinia high just like this one and sometimes they are even more impressive; but this is the only one that calls someone the Dolomites mountains to mind. It is perhaps for that reason that Punta Cusidore has always been considered the Sardinians mountain; it has always been a longed-for goal of alpinists but of sports-mountain climbers too who wanted to feel a different emotion…I consider this aspect very beautiful; in my opinion this is undoubtedly due to the mountain north west spur, which has been able to make a lot of generations alpinists and sports-mountain climbers dreaming with its unmistakable profile; perhaps just those who were used to little walls, 20 metres high and sparkling with bolts. It is so logical that the most longed for and sought-after route is the one opened by the customs officers of Predazzo in 1973: it is a line bordering more or less the spur and which offers 17 pitches on almost 700 metres of length. It is a climbing which is almost an Alpine one; a route where there are only few pitons and where in spite of the difficulties which aren't very high you will experience a typically alpine adventure. Go with an expert friend, go with an alpine guide; what really matters is that you go there at least once in your life. Sardinians consider Punta Cusidore as the Aguglia…you cannot avoid climbing it!

PUNTA CUSIDORE, north-west spur
(photo Maurizio Oviglia)